Why vRealize Air Compliance?

Automate Compliance Checks – VMware vRealize Air Compliance

Drive security and compliance by automating the detection of non-compliant infrastructure against industry best practices and hardening guidelines - without manual effort or custom scripting

Configuration Compliance Management
Enable continuous compliance - discover, measure, remediate and manage the compliance of your infrastructure in real-time, not monthly or quarterly.
  • Automatically discover and pinpoint vulnerabilities within the configuration of your virtual infrastructure
  • Assess infrastructure against a variety of out of the box security and regulatory policies (vSphere Hardening Guidelines, PCI, HIPAA and more)
  • Centralized, real-time insight into your state of compliance
  • Clearly understand the severity and risks of your infrastructure configuration
Compliance Monitoring
Address risks before they are a problem through continuous compliance scan across your entire virtual infrastructure to ensure maximum compliance.
  • Event-driven configuration change detection
  • Real-time notifications of non-compliant changes
  • Capture important change information including time and person responsible
  • Create and manage policy exceptions on the fly
Audit and Report on Compliance
Prove that IT is in control by ensuring up-to-date and accurate measurement of the virtual infrastructure against security and regulatory policies.
  • Real-time compliance dashboards with drill-down
  • Compliance scorecards to measure your state of compliance
  • Track compliance over time, measure improvement
  • Run reports on-demand for Auditors


Interested in automating the detection & monitoring of non-compliant virtual infrastructure? Try vRealize Air Compliance today.